Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Taste of Italy

 After a thrilling morning and afternoon under the grilling sun in the gardens of Sanssouci, Bill and I decided to eat Italian when we returned to our neighborhood in Berlin. Our waiter immediately struck the right note when I wasn't ready to order. She said, "There is no hurry. Take all the time you like."
We started with tomatoes dressed lightly in excellent oil and vinegar with some fresh basil.
As we ate the delicious perfectly ripe tomatoes life crept back into our tired bones.
 Bill ordered orecchiette, or "little ears" pasta with sausage and Parmesan cheese.
 He offered me a taste.
 I wish I could share it with you!
 When I ordered my Spaghetti Carbonara the waiter said, "Bravo!" It was so much fun to be trying to speak Italian again. We commiserated with her on the difficulties of German.
Do you know Spaghetti Carbonara? The sauce is made with eggs, cream and Italian pancetta (better than bacon) and lots of Parmesan cheese. The pancetta had been fried in olive oil until crispy so that it exploded with flavor when chewed. With the sprinkling of coarse pepper corns the taste explosions were ravishing.
After half a plate, the cream, eggs, bacon and cheese launched an assault on my circulation system creating a pleasant sense of stupefaction which I noticed Bill's pasta and sausage had also induced in him. Over espressos we spoke of our future travel plans which suddenly leaned, heavily, toward our beloved Italy. We plan to return to Amici Amici before we leave Berlin!


  1. Hello from sunny Toronto!
    Your combination of museum/art reports plus dining treats is amazingly wonderful especially for this stay-at-home dreamer.
    Thanks plus hugs,
    bis bald,

  2. So nice to hear from you, Cheri! The art museums of Berlin have astonished and inspired us. Glad we can share some of it with you!