Friday, November 30, 2018

Two lovely lunches in CDMX

Bill and I found good food wherever we went in CDMX (Ciudad de México/Mexico City).
One Saturday morning we walked for hours exploring our neighbourhood (Roma Norte). When we walked past El Inicio Restaurante we noticed that the food on the tables looked exceptionally tasty.
We sat down on the small patio and placed our orders. I went to wash my hands. I liked the cheerful floor tiles.
This is two corn tortillas covered in cheese and egg and a salsa verde (green peppers, chilies and herbs).
Cut it open to find refried beans inside. Mexicans excel at comfort food.
The beer is always served ice cold. Bill had a freshly squeezed orange juice also served ice cold.
Watched over by our little friend at the next table
we tucked into our lunch
and observed the passing scene on the lively Avenue Álvaro Obregón.
A week later, after a visit to the Casa Azul (Frieda Kahlo Museum) we explored the Coyoacan neighbourhood. Bill had read good things about La Casa de los Tacos nearby.
The front door was open
and Tacos were being prepared to order.
The interior is unpretentious and the prices are low. The food is very tasty.
Bill ordered the cod in salsa verde with refried beans and rice. Ice cold lemonade on the side.
I had a flattened chicken breast with beans and guacamole. Ice cold beer.
We liked the fresco on the wall of the restaurant.
La Casa de los Tacos. Something yummy in Coyoacan.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Mexico City Flea Market

John and I were excited to discover this flea market just a few blocks away from our apartment.
It happens every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3.p.m. -- with a city block of vendors. 
If we lived in Mexico City we would certainly be here every Saturday.
As it was we arrived at 10 just as the vendors were setting up 
and shoppers were just arriving. 
The market is called the Mercado de Antiques Cuauhtemoc.
 It surrounds Dr. Ignacio Chávez Park at the east end of Calle Calima
in Roma Norte just above Pushkin Park.
 I particularly liked the vintage doll vendors.
I love the row of GI Joes at the bottom of this table.
 Every vendor had something of interest.
How about these fabulous old phones?
 A polite "¿Puedo? (May I?)" and a lift of his camera allowed John to get these shots.
 Sometimes we stepped back into the rectangular park 
for another perspective
on the action on the sidewalk 
One could furnish an apartment here. 
When we had first arrived at the market, John had noticed a little tin box for sale. 
It stayed in his mind the whole way around the block because it evoked a strong Christmas memory. 
His family had owned an identical box and brought it out every Christmas through the 50s and 60s. 
As a child, John had always been fascinated by the midcentury modern design and the word "elf" in the middle of the brand name. We got back to where we started and John bought it. Fifty pesos (three Canadian dollars).

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mexico City Shopfronts

Bill and I  were constantly being caught by the look of Mexican shopfronts
Our beloved Roma Norte neighbourhood gave us some wonderful faded grandeur.
We wonder what was under this facade before it became a corner store.
This hole-in-the-wall corner store is also typical of Roma Norte.
Over by the Catedral Metropolitana we found a street of full-on tourist glitz. 
This contemporary facade draws the eye to a network of high-end food shops within.
 We always respond to hand-painted signs (locksmith).
Parking garage entrance
Locksmith, plumber and by the looks of it -- small vehicle repair.
Noticed two examples of this three part grill --
shop will open but not yet.
I love this corner store. 
 This restaurant facade features a collage of three dimensional objects all painted green.
I love the abstraction of this stack of wallboard.
And this one.
The Coyoacana area has its own rough-and-ready look
 Wonderful reds
Geometric perfection.