Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our 30th Anniversary

John and I celebrate our 30th anniversary together today, New Year's Eve 2013/14. Our cards for each other tend to be topical. This year the setting was influenced by recent visits to Toronto Island.
John used a Cathy Ord portrait of us at a Wards Island cottage. I used the view of the Toronto cityscape at night seen from the Wards Island ferry.
30 years ago I went to a New Year's Eve party at John's place and never went home!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Boxing Day on the Island

Lucky us! John and I were invited to an afternoon party on Toronto Island on Boxing Day!
Toronto Harbour was frozen over 
with just a broken path of crunchy ice to the Wards' Island dock. 
We enjoyed our trek through the winter wonderland of the Wards island community.
That's fellow guest, Cathy, enroute.
John got this great shot of 1st Street
and I got him with the Toronto cityscape in the background. 
What a treat to settle into our friend, Q's, cosy home.
The sun was setting when we headed back to the mainland
with its Christmas-sy lights.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Aurora

John and I spent Christmas Day in ice-laden Aurora at the home of my nephew, Brian Jr and his wife, Jennifer. 
 Their youngest son, Chase, was a bit shy of the family invaders
while Stuie their dog stayed close to the fire. 
Grandma and Grandpa, Kate and Brian soon got chummy with their youngest grandson
while John watched our great-nieces, Mya and Julie, researching the rules for a new game.
Ever the party-girl, Jenny, brought a Barbie-party-hat for people to try.
and Kate 
Meanwhile the boys, Eric, Robert and Jonathan were in the basement family room trying out a new video game. 
At dinner time Gramps and Robert sat at the Kids' Table 
while Kate filled her plate with her daughter, Christine, and niece, Julie. 
 John, Kate and Jenny at the Adult table.
Great-niece Heather showed off a new Christmas bracelet.
Then it was time to open gifts! Our great-nephew William is deep into instructions for a new video game while Eric patiently waits for a his turn. 
 Finally it was photo time! Robert and his dad, James, get their shots.
It was all very serious 
until it was "Funny" shot time. Notice that great-nephew, Jonathon, refuses to take part. 
Here's our host, Brian Jr, with his sisters, Jenny and Christine. 
The ever-serious and cup-stacking baby of the family amuses his mom, Jennifer. Thanks for a great Christmas gathering, Brian Jr and Jen!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Indie Arts Market Blizzard

 Toronto had it's first big winter storm last Saturday.
Despite the blizzard and frosty temperatures, John and I caught the Bathurst streetcar to take us to Queen St West to pick up our new Shelley Savor at the INDEXG gallery.
 While John waited at the Queen Street streetcar stop
I slipped over to the corner of Bathurst to catch the action.
John couldn't resist taking winter shots out of the streetcar window on our way to Gladstone Avenue.
We trudged through the snow
to INDEXG to pick up "Refuge" from Shelley Savor's The Rat Race exhibition, which has just closed.
After picking up our new art, we discovered the welcoming Toronto Indie Art Market at the Gladstone Hotel.
We loved the illustrators and writers selling their self-published wares.
We bought a terrific hand-painted watercolour card from Kim Flynn (bargain--$4)
and Monsters from my Head and Yog Sothothory from Stepahnie Kenzie.
The market overflowed into the Gladstone bar.
We bought Silver for Bread, an Estonian story, by Tess Eneli Reid and Super Baby Jesus and The Last Sun by Adam Alard. We're so happy we went in!
Back in to the snow we walked a few steps to The Beaver diner with its cool, winter-themed sandwich-board.
I had their scrumptious squash and red pepper soup for lunch
and John chose the equally yummy mashed chickpea sandwich with salad.
Re-fueled we caught the Queen streetcar home.
Let it snow, let it snow! We've had a great day!