Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tree Trimming Party

Last week our friend Nancy invited us over to help trim her Christmas tree.
 She has a beautiful place and every year she does an amazing tree.
She is also a wonderful cook and hostess so her parties are always memorable.
 This year's tree is particularly amazing.
SO much fun to decorate! 
When we finished decorating Nancy gave us a rare compliment.
"I don't have to move any of the ornaments."
Clockwise from top left -- Nancy, Shelley, Rebecca, Cathy, Bill. 
 Cal and Michelle
A Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Nancy Makes an Old Fashioned

 Nancy's son Cal has developed a taste for Mad Men era drinks.
 For this Christmas party his mother is going to make him a cocktail called an Old Fashioned.
Nancy likes to start with a slice of orange and some sugar water. 
She said, "It's not every mother who keeps a jar of sugar water in her fridge for her son's cocktails." 
 After adding the sugar water, empty the bottle of whiskey into the glass. OK -- there was just a bit left in the bottle.
 Add a dash or three of Angostura Bitters and the best maraschino cherries you can afford.
Ta da -- the Old Fashioned. Best enjoyed in formal wear.