Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cool in the Pool

Let's get hot. Let's get cool.

Berlin People

 Bill and I enjoyed watching people in Berlin.
We thought we'd drop you in the middle with us.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bio Market Magic Wish

 Bill and I walked past our local "Bio Markt" every day on our way to the U-Bahn. You'll see the word Bio used in many European countries to mean Organic. 
 Lecker, Preiswert & Gesund = Delicious, Good Value and Healthy.
We were fascinated by the little rainbow construction on the roof. 
Very occasionally it would open up to reveal a creature. 
The creature would open its eyes and look around before withdrawing once more behind its curtain. It seemed to open very randomly.
We only saw the it three times in our month in Berlin and each time we made a wish. 
After a morning in a museum we would pick up some groceries and then head down Obentrautstraße to our apartment in Berlin. They had an excellent organic beer, vegetables, peanut butter, yogurt and their own bakery. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Museum of German History, Berlin

John and I enjoyed our visit to the Deutsches Historisches Museum. It's  housed in the Zeughaus (1709), the former arsenal,
set on the banks of the Spree River across from Museum Island where the Unter der Linden avenue meets the Schlossbrücke (Palace bridge).
The entrance hall features statues of Lenin (1925) from East Berlin and a Nazi personification of the Wehrmacht (1938).
We began our visit of their extensive historical displays with this mosaic floor from the period of Roman occupation.
A Romanesque fresco (c.1200) from the Müstair convent church.
This Turkish tent was war booty when the Siege of Vienna was ended in 1683.
More 17th century Turkish war booty. A full suit of armour.
These are what the Prussian cavalry wore as they battled the Turkish army.
The costume displays were terrific. This is Queen Louise of Prussia's outfit from 1776-1810.
18th century upper class clothing for both sexes.
Frederick the Great's uniform from the same period.
Here's an early automobile from 1898! The Mauer Union car.
A painting reflecting the new industrial urban landscape of the late 19th century.
There are some great Deco displays like this elegant furniture
and these movie starlets using the latest housekeeping devices. We love the Vampyr vacuum cleaner!
Deco design is so satisfying.
An Allied Forces propaganda poster for the Italian Campaign.
John seems to be taking a provocative pose beside this signage from the Berlin Wall of the 60's and 70's. That's of course the Volkswagen "bug" and West Germany merchandise of the period behind him.
East Berlin produce is also on display like the classic Trabant automobile
and this display of 1960's furnishings.
What is with Northern Europe and nudism? It always seemed picant for Puritanical North Americans in mid-20th Century.
We were treated to pieces of the fallen Wall at the finale. A very fascinating museum.
After visiting the main Deutsches Historisches Museum building, John and I crossed the covered courtyard of the old building
and crossed the underground passage way to I. M. Pei's classy addition to the museum.
The new addition is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. When we visited there was a show of the World of Frederick the Great and a show of period clothing and its care: Fashioning Fashion, 1700-1915.
But the real gem is Mr Pei's spiral architecture.
Do give the German History Museum a visit!