Sunday, May 31, 2020

How Spring Came to Toronto in 2020

Whatever we end up saying about the arrival of Spring in Toronto in 2020 
we will agree that the cool, wet weather encouraged the lushest possible vegetation. 
Bulbs came up in April and instead of disappearing in a few days the flowers lasted for weeks. 
The shrubs flowered and the flowers lasted and lasted.
 All through April and May Toronto has been a paradise in blossom.
Also flourishing in Toronto, and around the world, is a new strand of Corona Virus. When Bill and I understood that masks might protect others from ourselves, he sewed a pair from two of my father's vintage cotton handkerchiefs.
 Gorgeous spring light accompanied us on our walks as the streets emptied.
 Was interesting to see local streets without cars parked everywhere.
Bill and I continued our habit of going out once a day 
for groceries or a take-out lunch. Thanks for all the sandwiches, Jay!
We were so happy that Saffron stayed open.
Thanks for all the curries, Johnne! 
 The wet season kept us off our bikes and so we rediscovered the pleasures of Toronto on foot.
 I did miss doing the rounds of my favourite record shops. 
When would I be able to browse for treasures again?  
 I was surprised to see a box outside Toronto Western Hospital soliciting donations of personal protective equipment for hospital staff. Thought the provincial government provided these. Guess all those cuts have added up, eh, Premier Ford?
As we got into our third month of sheltering in place we were excited to see any signs of shops and restaurants re-opening. 
 Halfway through May two record stores re-opened. I was among the first in line to enter the scrupulously sterilized premises -- and found myself a treasure (vintage German electronica -- woo hoo!)
 Spring is turning to early summer now.
It has certainly been the prettiest Spring on record. 
Now we'll see what June is going to throw at us.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Day Without Shadows

Walking in the rain 
or after the rain 
has been one of the delights of this mild spring. 
 The light arrives
filtered through layers of cloud
grateful to fall to earth
 and make it visible.
Afterward, the light can relax
having done its work.
Softer colours peek out.
After the rain
bright colours pop.
Lawns crackle and snap.
Hey, Bill and I are home. What a nice walk.
Have to compliment the person who looks after this pot.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

April in the Music Garden

April 2020 found your Tomatoes From Canada at home in Toronto, sheltering in place.
 Bill made these masks from my father's vintage cotton handkerchiefs -- our look is a mix of Pietro Longhi, the James Brothers and Cthulu.
 Say what you like about our pesky pandemic, our exceptionally cool, wet, Spring
gave rise to bulbs that came up early
and have just refused to quit.
Bill and I are lucky to live
near the beautiful, quiet, Music Garden.
We count our blessings beside the Toronto Fallen Firefighters Memorial,
and never tire of the boats docked at Spadina Quay.
We enjoy sharing a neighbourhood
with the local water fowl,
on the calm shore of Lake Ontario.