Monday, May 7, 2012

Pergamon Museum 3 -- Islamic Art

Just in case you think we've exhausted the treasures of the Pergamon Museum, let's go upstairs. Their collection of Islamic art ranks with the British Museum and the Louvre.
Let's join these connoisseurs and have a look at some 16th and 17th century Turkish carpets.
 These students were trying to choose one to draw.
This young fellow chose a superb 17th century prayer rug from Konya. Good choice!
 It wouldn't be the Pergamon Museum without room-sized installations. This is the Desert Palace of Mshatta, Jordan, built in the Roman Period and brought to the museum in 1889.
I loved this cabinet of exquisite, 17th century ceramics from Kirman, Iran.
John loved the drawing on this ceramic fragment
and this modern looking portrait of a young man on a 9th century fresco fragment from the Gausaq Palace in Iraq.
We'll leave you with some ancient Egyptian jewelery like this delicate 5-7th century earring in gold filigree with a single pearl
 and this gold necklace.
A footbridge over the Spree River connects us back to the mainland.

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