Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nord Sud for Lunch Again

 Bill and I were in the neighbourhood and we were hungry after a morning at the Berlin Museum of Natural History so we stopped into our new favourite restaurant in Berlin, Nord Sud on Auguststrasse.
 Bill started with the pate you will remember from our last visit.
 My starter was a lentil soup flavoured with bits of roasted beef.
We were served once again by the owner, Jean Claude Malfoy. We told him about the rave review of our last visit to Nord Sud that we had posted on Tomatoes From Canada. He brought his iPad to our table, open to the latest post on our blog -- Bill and I as Frederick the Great -- we looked very impressive.
 Bill's second course was a pork roast in mustard sauce. Pork in mustard and cream sauce is one of Bill's signature dishes so when Jean Claude mentioned this as a possibility, Bill had to order it.
It was very good.
 I had Marsellaise sausages with roasted eggplant and zucchini on couscous.
The sausages were delicious. I wish I could give you a taste!
 Bill finished with a plain cheesecake.
 I had the apple pie.
 Both so fresh!
 We were feeling pretty mellow by the end of the meal,
lingering over our espressos in the comfortable bistro.