Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lunch at Nord Sud

 Bill and I found a little French bistro called Nord Sud (Augustsraße 87) while wandering in the Spandauer Vorstadt area of Mitte in Berlin. Nord Sud is in an area with private art galleries and specialty shops.
 We sat outside and the owner Jean Claude Malfoy outlined the simple three-course lunch of appetizers, entrees and desserts. We were in good hands.
 Bill started with a fish mousse and a glass of red wine.
 I had the pate and a pint of Becks
Bill's entree was a light Tialpa fish on a bed of steamed spinach -- all smothered in a cream sauce.
  I had a modest roast chicken leg smothered in gravy with potatoes.
 Jean Claude noticed we'd been taking pictures
  and asked us if we would like him to commemorate the moment.
I closed with the savory option: a little plate of soft cheeses.
 Bill would never turn down something sweet. This strawberry and rhubarb flan has "Bill" written all over it. A light lunch on a sunny afternoon.