Monday, October 10, 2016

Thanksgiving on the Island

Yesterday John and I were invited by friends to Thanksgiving dinner on Toronto Island.
 We get there we rode our bicycles along the beautiful boardwalk from Centre Island to Wards Island.
 Fall is just beginning to arrive. The weather was glorious.
 John stopped for a moment
 to photograph Wards Island Beach.
 We passed the green with its view of the CN Tower as we reached the Wards Island cottages.
 A festive table was set for 8.
A cranberry/apple crumble
 and roast vegetables waited to go into the oven.
The rest of the guests arrived just as we were flipping the bird to return it to the oven. Thank you to our hosts for a wonderful feast and great visit!


  1. A festive feast with festive friends. The food and ambiance look just divine.

  2. It was a divine gathering indeed, Shelley!

  3. Thanksgiving on the Island looks terrific.
    Friends and harvest foods. And a really lovely day.
    Exactly right!