Saturday, July 9, 2016

Little Weed of Rome

On the sunbaked Street of the Marble Foot I noticed a small weed parked under a BMW. My impulse control told me to take a picture of it.
Bill and I walked down the Street of the Marble Foot many times -- on our way to Enoteca Corsi, or the grocery beyond it, or on a short cut to Trastevere through the Campo dei Fiori. The weed was struggling bravely, making the best of things. Or maybe it was sulking. Cursing fate.
At the end Bill and I stood by our little friend awhile in silence.


  1. Ah cute little weed!
    The weeds' resilience is remarkable.
    I am sure the BMW owner never noticed it once.

  2. Thank you for caring, Lisa. We passed the little weed many times on our way to the Enoteca Corsi, the grocer beyond it (inexpensive beer) and the Campo dei Fiori not so far beyond that. What a town. John