Thursday, July 7, 2016

Monday is Lentil Day

John and I can recommend Trattoria da Augusto, in Trastevere -- a family run establishment favoured by locals and visitors alike.
On our first visit I ordered their sausage and lentils.
John tried it and pronounced the sausage the best he'd ever tasted and he loved the lentils.

The menu said that Mondays were lentil day, so for our entire trip, we went back to the Augusto on Mondays.
Personally I favoured the classic meat dishes which I'll show you in a minute. Mind you I loved the lentils as a side.
It was easy to imagine ourselves in a country bistro when we ate indoors.
No frills, just casual comfort.
The interior has two rooms. This one has a window to the kitchen.
The cook in her domain. If one of the staff suddenly asks you if you want pasta it means that the cook has the water boiling to cook all of the orders of that minute.
The staff were very patient and helpful to foreign visitors and tactfully moved them towards the best of the day's dishes.
We often enjoyed their salads.
In addition, the roast lamb,
roast veal,
and roast chicken with potatoes were reliably delicious.
Then there was their tiramisu. Squisito (delicious)!
You might like to try it.
We  met some great fellow travellers. This lovely lady from Australia, married to an Italian, was about to buy a house in the countryside nearby.
In our final weeks we ordered one of the classic Roman pasta sauces: Cacio e Pepe (cheese and coarse pepper).
It was dreamy and once mixed it was creamy, and one of our favourite pastas in Rome.
Our last visit was very special all together. 
We had a new, very jolly and helpful waitress.
A passing African troubadour with an exquisite voice like that of Youssou N'Dour  brought John to tears.
As we left John caught the cook and our waitress smoking cigarettes and gleefully willing to pose for a portrait.

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