Wednesday, May 4, 2016

William Kentridge at the Tiber, Rome

John and I love Rome's Tiber river so we were excited to hear that William Kentridge had created a new work on the embankment between the Ponte Sisto and the Ponte Mazzini.
Kentridge called his finished work Triumphs and Laments
-- an assembly of figures  floats in a procession.
Kentridge's assistants used blasts of water to clean around his stencils.
The dark images that remain are created from the grime of years of pollution.
 We crossed the Tiber for a closer look.
The bicycle and jogging path made for fun contrasts with the artworks.

Bill and I love this devil with a moka pot.
 The images create a procession of Rome's history, the good and the bad.
The installation is permanent but will fade as the walls get dirty again.
Kentridge expects it to be a ghost of itself within six years.


  1. This is incredible! I have always loved William Kentridge's outstanding work.

  2. The hidden to me corners of Rome are wonderful! The Tiber murals are humourous as well as art.Great that the weather is cooperating with your sightseeing.

  3. Glad you are enjoying, Cheri. The Kentridge installation is truly amazing. We're hoping to find lots of hidden treasures this trip. Stay tuned!