Monday, May 16, 2016

Saint Theodore on the Palatine

On Sunday, looking for a farmers market near the Circus Maximus, John and I happened upon a church known as Saint Theodore on the Palatine. It was below street level against the Palatine Hill.
Chiesa di San Teodoro al Palatino was built in the 6th century, on the site of a circular Roman temple dedicated to Romulus, one of the mythical founders of the City of Rome.
It was adopted by the Greek Orthodox community in 2004. We slipped into the church as the morning service was ending.
It has a beautiful 6th century mosaic in the Byzantine style featuring Christ in a black robe with Saints Peter and Paul to the left and Theodore and Cleonicos on the right.
 As we left to climb back up to the street we passed the altar of the original Roman temple in the courtyard. What a wonderful town!


  1. beautiful photos! It was meant to are having a truly mystical experience.

  2. That's certainly how it feels, Diane! Wonderful surprises around every corner.