Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunch with a Rabbit

Today John and I had lunch at Da Tonino, an unpretentious, inexpensive eatery specializing in traditional Roman cuisine.
We arrived early. There were only a few other customers.
But soon there was a line-up outside.
John started with a simple salad of lettuce and juicy, ripe tomatoes.
while I  started with eggplant and zucchini slices roasted with garlic.
So tasty!
For the main course I had the rabbit. John's mother would have said there was lots of "good eating" on this rabbit.
John had the pasta with eggplant. His serving was so large that we took half of it to go. As you can imagine it was even tastier reheated for dinner.


  1. Ciao John. Ciao Bill. I had lunch yesterday with several TPLers. I had the good fortune of sitting next to Nancy Oldfield. We talked about how much we enjoy Tomatoes From Canada. Thanks for sharing. All the best. Brian Beagle

  2. Glad to have you aboard, Brian. We do love to share our travel adventures. Rome is heaven!