Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lunch at La Montecarlo

Bill and I have fond recollections of the delicious, inexpensive pizzas at La Montecarlo.  
Hungry after a morning spent looking at William Kentridge's Tiber stencils we went there again for what we knew would be a satisfying lunch.
 I needed to taste tomatoes so we started with an insalata pomodori (a phrase worth mastering: tomato salad).
 We are both fans of the simple pizza Margherita -- just mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce
 on a thin, oven-blackened crust. The true test of a fine pizza establishment.
Goes down well with a half-litre of wine and a litre of bubbly mineral water.


  1. Mmm! That looks delicious. Tomatoes eating tomatoes! Love the striped t-shirt! So glad you've started your Rome postings.

  2. Our pleasure, Q! Those tomatoes were ripe and delicious as are the Tomatoes of course (maybe even over-ripe)! Got the striped shirt at Winners just before we left!