Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Frescos from a Roman Villa

John and I like  to visit the National Museum of Rome. We always find it inspiring. 
 This time my eye was caught by some fabulous frescoes from an Augustan villa (27 BC-14 AD). They were found on the grounds of Renaissance Villa Farnesina in Trastevere in 1879 and installed here in  2010
The loose images of pastoral scenes and travellers in landscapes reminded me
 of Petronius' Satyricon and similar ancient writings
and yet have a distinctive "modern" look to them. The images were originally painted on the walls of corridors that connected bedchambers in the villa.
The misty images make my imagination
create stories to connect the action -
whether it be of sea battles 
scenes of celebration and dance
or faded townscapes.
I also loved the brilliantly coloured panels on black backgrounds for the triclinium (dining room)
even when the images were blurred by torch soot. All was magic.


  1. Count me as inspired!
    Thanks for the photos.

  2. You have been duly counted, my dear. Glad you liked them.

  3. Those murals reinforces the circular meaning of life... It is all modern at whatever universal time. 💛

  4. Agreed. Good art is timeless.
    Bill and John

  5. Great photos of frescoes others often pass by.

  6. I linked to your site and used some of your images here
    I hope that is OK with you.

  7. Happy to have you visit our blog, Plasticviking. Great that you found a use for our photos on your own blog.