Saturday, August 8, 2015

Librairie Yvon Lambert

Paris has some excellent art book stores.
 One of the best is the Librairie Yvon Lambert. We went there many times.
 When we arrived for the first time the store was celebrating the launch of a new book of photographs by François Halard. The cards in the window are reproductions of Halard's photographic details from Cy Twombly's paintings.
 That's a new limited edition of Halard's work in the case. On the walls some of his prints after Twombly.
 Halard has also photographed Twombly's home and studio.
 An Halard picture from Twombly's home and a view into the bookstore.
 Librairie Yvon Lambert specializes in the high art and conceptual part of the art book spectrum.
Here's a view from the shop into the gallery.
 Bill bought a Cy Twombly exhibition invitation printed in the 1980. Lambert discovered them when he closed his Paris gallery several years ago. Look how happy Bill looks.
 I could hardly tear myself away from the window displays.
On our next visit the Halard exhibition had closed and the gallery featured a selection of books and Cy Twombly textiles hanging from the wall. 
 Lovely art books you won't find anywhere else.
Not sure, but these look like David Shrigley.
We got the Twombly framed when we got back to Toronto. It's lovely.