Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sebastião Salgado; Genesis

When John and I visited the Ara Pacis in Rome we also visited a retrospective of the photography of Brazilian photographer, Sebastião Salgado. on the lower level of the building.
This is John admiring Salgado's over-sized portrait of the chiefs of an Amazonian tribe which was placed at the entrance to the show at the upper floor.
The retrospective was huge and covered Salgado's work around the world in sections featuring his photos of landscapes, ethnic cultures and animal life.
The work is breathtaking and the visitors enthusiastic.
The intimacy of his portraits is simply stunning.
On display is the high-end version of a catalogue of the show with its book stand designed by architect, Tadao Ando.
The selections from his oeuvre are not to be missed,
and happily for Torontonians Genesis is showing at the Royal Ontario Museum until September, 2013. Go see!


  1. The Salgado show is at the ROM all summer until September.
    A first glance did not grab me. I will try it again.
    Thanks! LRR

  2. Do try it again, Lisa. I didn't realize that it was showing now at the ROM. Mr Sagado is very versatile and powerful, we found. I personally love his coverage of isolated ethnic groups.