Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Squero di San Trovaso, Venice

No one escapes Venice without seeing an endless number of couples, or packed groups of tourists, sliding through the canals in classic gondolas -- stripe-shirted, straw-hatted boatmen guiding the elegant vessels.
John and I recently visited one of the few remaining gondola workshops, the Squero di San Trovaso next to the church of the same name. It's wooden sheds are just south of the Accademia Gallery.
 From across the canal we had a great view of the recently-refurbished gondolas drying in the sun.
 The work sheds have a Tyrolian look because they were built by craftsmen who arrived in the 17th century from the Dolomite Mountains that lie to the north of the city.
 We crossed over to the other side of the canal
and luckily got a peek into the workshop though an open door. It was a nice intimate look into the city's past and into the practical upkeep of the iconic symbols of Venice.


  1. Only you two could see this vision and share it...so wonderful..

  2. Thanks,James. Sharing our adventures and discoveries is our pleasure.

  3. I am glad these long-standing traditions do continue in Venice.
    Thanks for the great photos!