Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Arriving in Venice by Boat

After flying though the night John and I arrived at Marco Polo airport in Venice at 9 a.m. last Monday. 
After some confusion (we WERE jet-lagged) we found ourselves on the moving walkway to the Alilaguna ferry docks. 
On previous visits we had taken the shuttle bus from the airport to the Piazzale Roma near the train station. This time we had arranged with our hosts to walk to their apartment from the Guglie stop on the Cannaregio Canal.
With great excitement we rode the escalator down to the dock.
Our Water Bus arrived almost immediately.
We took our seats below deck, our pilot took the wheel and off we went.
We had imagined arriving like Von Offenbach in Death In Venice but our trip was bumpier, wetter and lacked the Mahler soundtrack. We passed St Michelle Island
and the belfry of the church of Madonna dell'Orto came into view.
We even caught sight of what would turn out to be our own canal and neighbourhood.
Within half an hour we were turning into the Cannaregio Canal
and passing the entrance to the new economics campus of the Università Ca' Foscari.
We were thrilled to arrive at the Guglie stop.
We set out with confidence because we had rehearsed this walk on Google Street View.
Note the carry-on bags. We travel light.
We ducked into a Sotoportagio and left the busy canal traffic behind.
We emerged in a peaceful Cannaregio neighbourhood. Our charming host was waiting for us. Our Venice holiday began.


  1. Welcome to Venezia!
    Thanks for posting so quickly.
    You can always buy a sweater later ...

  2. Hi Lisa!
    Venice, our apt and the neighbourhood are delightful so far. You would be surprised how much we manage to pack in those carry-on bags! Ready for most anything.

  3. Lovely way from the airport to Venice, start dreaming of your adventures on that boat trip. Enjoy the local market and grocery stores, settling into Venetian life. Hooray!
    ciao, Cheri

  4. Hooray indeed, Cheri! We're already settled into the Cannaregio neighbourhood and our comfortable temporary home. Glad to have you along.

  5. Home sweet home for the month. I will enjoy seeing Venezia through your photos. Carry-on luggage is the only way to travel.