Saturday, September 9, 2017

Apartment in Venice

Bill and I have had good luck renting apartments in Europe. We have very specific needs.
We need a comfortable place to sit and read
 with excellent lighting for reading at night. (By the way the collage of photos above the couch is by one of our hosts.)
 We also require a good table for working. This kitchen table allows us to use one end for our laptop
 and the other end for writing and recharging.
 This kitchen is very well equipped with -- bliss -- gas elements on the stove.
A washing machine allows us to travel light.
 An unusually spacious shower for a European bathroom. Interestingly, the floor tiles feature a slight grip -- never slippery.
 The huge bedroom windows look out over a small canal and bring in the sounds of the rocking boats moored below. Oh, and the windows have screens -- a rarity in the Veneto. We can laugh at mosquitos.
We've never had a bed-table before. It glides easily on the hardwood floors. We have found dozens of uses for it. The apartment is a great sanctuary for a town that can be physically challenging -- as in we get home exhausted every afternoon.


  1. Charming, and very practical too. Do you have a lot of stairs to climb to reach it?

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos of the beautiful Cannaregio apartment. What a great base of your Venice adventures.

  3. Yes, Lisa, the apt. has worked out very well. Robert, we're on the 3rd floor -- what Italians would call the "secundo piano".