Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Walk in Cannaregio

Bill and I are very happy that we chose a Venice apartment in Cannaregio -- far from Saint Mark's Square -- at the north west edge of the island. 
 From our windows we have a view of this little bridge at the mouth of the Rio di San Girolamo.
 When we walk out of our front door in the morning we are greeted by this open expanse of the north lagoon.
We often turn the corner and cross the bridge into the city. 
It is so quiet in Cannaregio in the morning.
Just a few locals on their morning rounds.
 We are still dazzled by the canals and the architecture
 And the vernacular details of our neighbourhood.
The area wakes up as we walk along -- here is the milkman. The text on the boat reads: "Il latte, il burro, lo yogurt, i formaggi" (milk, butter, yogurt, cheese).
 A typical family vehicle with the family dog.
Morning coffee at a neighbourhood cafe.
The canal gets busier as we walk into the centre.
 Friday fish market
 Just to the south -- a quiet square, the Campo della Maddalena.
We often take a short cut through another quiet square -- this one in the Ghetto.
When the Jewish community was restricted to this small island they could not build out so they built up. We overheard a teacher telling her class that this ghetto apartment is the tallest building in Venice.
 The Ghetto is also has some excellent restaurants. This is the waterside patio of Gam Gam.
The Campo dei Mori.
On our way home after lunch we often pass this public fountain -- water is fresh and delicious. Note the dish put out for passing dogs.
 Back home again
we pass locals
and other tourists. We recommend Cannaregio!


  1. In May 2014 stayed at Hotel Bernardi, our vaporetta stop was Ca D'Oro. Your location looks so inviting and charming.

  2. Lovely memories, for you and me both. I spent two days in this charming area in 1996, and have a couple of photos very similar to yours. Glad you are enjoying yourselves.