Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wedding in the Gatineau Hills

Last weekend, on a perfect summer day, a chartered bus picked up a group of guests at the Wakefield Mill, Quebec
It took them to Le Belvédère, a breathtaking wedding venue at the top of one of the Gatineau Hills. Bill and I were among the lucky guests. We were there to celebrate the wedding of my nephew James to Casey, a charming and capable young woman. Not to mention beautiful.
 We walked to the belvedere from the large parking lot. 
 In a masterstroke of hospitality guests were greeted by waiters with glasses of ice water. It was a steamy day.
From left, my eldest brother Ron, me and my brother-in-law, Peter.
My brother Tom and his wife Kim -- the parents of the groom. 
My great nephew and niece, Jakob and Ella. 
We were surrounded by the magnificent scenery of Gatineau Park.
The bridesmaids arrived first. 
The groomsmen relaxing after the ceremony.
The wedding is called to attention. 
 And a new partnership is brought among us.
 From left, Bill, Peter, me.
 Bill and I found our names at the beautiful table.
The wedding party made a charmingly splashy entrance. Great dj. 
 Casey and her bridesmaids.
James and Casey at the head table.
 That's Kim in the middle with Tom on the right. Kim's brother Kevin on the left.
As dusk fell James and Casey patiently posed for their official photographer.
Ella and her dad Richard made a new friend, Denver, while roasting marshmallows around the campfire.
Then we went back inside for the speeches.
 Casey the bride led the dancing which got more and more sensational.
We cleared the floor for one of the youngest members of the party, Ella's new friend, Denver, breakdancing.
When the dancers' heads started to light up, we decided it was time to go.
Our chariot awaited to take us home for the night.

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