Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Velázquez at the Grand Palais, Paris

 This morning Bill and I came up out of the Paris Metro into the Place de la Concorde.
 We could just see the roof of the Grand Palais in the distance. 
There are several big shows on right now at the Palais.
 We walked around the building until we found the Velázquez entrance. By some miracle there was almost no lineup. We walked right in.
It is a comprehensive show of paintings. I was drawn to Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan (1630) from the Prado. 
 I liked the physiques of Vulcan's three assistants.
 Despite the lack of a line up, the show was very crowded inside.
I was also drawn to the Portrait of Prince Philip Prospero (1659),
 because of the fabulous expression on his little dog. This exhibition highlights the gift Velázquez had  for rendering the expression of his sitters both human and animal.
I was just getting rolling, documenting the show for you, when a guard gently informed me that photographs were not permitted. Too bad! There is so much more I wanted to show.
Outside, Bill asked me to stand by these flowering bushes. 
These yellow flowers had a heavenly scent. Springtime in Paris. We are so happy to be here.


  1. Thanks for the glimpse, you got quite a few shots in anyway!

  2. It was delightful to come home from work and be transported to Paris this evening. I'm sorry they didn't let you take more pictures... but it looks like a wonderful show.

  3. Glad you enjoyed, Q, and you too, Shell. Nothing like sharing great art. Thanks for writing! John