Saturday, May 23, 2015

Return to Babylone

Bill and I got to Au Babylone at 1 pm this time but we were still too late for the lunch special -- the locals had eaten all the mains except some appetizers and the entrecôte  Bill and I couldn't remember what entrecôte was (rhymes with bandicoot) but we ordered it anyway, secure in the belief that if it is on the menu at Au Babylone, it is going to be good.
I started with sliced tomatoes with a drizzle of dressing. They were very tasty.
William Kimber had the grated carrots, similarly dressed -- sweet and wholesome.
Entrecôte turned out to be delicious rib-eye steak. We won't forget this word again.
If I could I would slip you a slice of steak through the screen. I should mention that this meal is more meat than we would normally eat in a month -- but we are on holiday.
Next visit we will get here by noon and try to send you the whole experience. Until then.


  1. I love the shots of the other diners. I had a virtual bite of the steak followed by a sip of vin rouge.

  2. You know how to live, Shelley...even virtually!