Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Grilled Perch at Chez Janou

Our hosts in Paris suggested that Bill and I try a meal at Chez Janou Bistrot, a local Provençal restaurant.
 We went there today after the Velazquez show.
Today's special was a grilled perch with stewed eggplant. It was light and delicious -- a perfect lunch. 
The coffee came with a very tasty piece of nougat -- a typical European touch.


  1. Hope you saved the wrapper. :-)

  2. Damn it, Shelley, we didn't save it although we did save the business card. Will save the nougat wrappers in the future. It will NOT be the last time we dine at Chez Panou.

  3. Wanda and I are left here at the "desk" ... drooling ...

  4. Thank you, Cynthia. Glad you and Wanda are along for the trip. Next lunch will be Moroccan. John