Saturday, May 30, 2015

A good family-run bistro in Paris

As our readers will know, John and I love a family-run restaurant. Our hosts in Paris know this too and they recommended Le Bougnat in the Haut-Marais.
We found it on the rue de Saintonge just off the rue de Bretagne.
 To call this tiny eatery charming would be an understatement.
We were obviously the very last of the lunch crowd.
Our waitress recommended the roast beef with frites and a pichet of Faugères red wine.
 Both were delicious!
The proof is in John's grin.
Of course we finished with espressos and a piece of dark chocolate.
We love new discoveries.
We were all smiles as the lady of the house rang up our bill.
There is no doubt that the family at Le Bougnat will become familiar with our faces at lunch time!


  1. Scrumptious indeed! You must publish a list of restaurants after this trip.

  2. Nice idea, Kat. We'll think about it. Glad you enjoyed the post. --John

  3. How delightful! Everything looks delicious. I love their sign... glad you included a close up of him.

  4. Glad you like the sign -- I agree, it's amazing. Hope to try some salads next, but my vocabulary is so small I can't read the options...