Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thanksgiving on the Island

A friend of ours recently moved to Toronto's Ward's Island. At Thanksgiving this year she opened her house to the people who had helped her move. 
Bill and I arrived first and got a tour of the house. Sitting area already set up. 
 Plumbing hooked up in the bathroom.
 Ikea kitchen sink and countertops installed.
We were thrilled to see a pumpkin pie cooling on the table.
We were even more thrilled to see our hostess, who we shall call Q, stirring her roasting root vegetables, which already smelled heavenly. Garlic and rosemary?
Bill and Q went outside while I wandered around enjoying details.
 I looked out the front window,
 Then went out to rejoin the group on the front lawn.
 Tom, a neighbour, dropped over for a drink and chat.
 Stephen and Bill
 We all brought something for the feast. On the left we find Nancy's eggplant/chard casserole, in the middle Bill's apple salad and on the right Q's root vegetables. Above are Cathy's birds.
 Q told me she likes to cut her vegetables into interesting shapes.
Cathy carved her birds, 
Then Nancy sliced her casserole. 
 The seating area certainly works.
 Bill took a picture of his plate.
 I love the sight of freshly washed dishes, in this case by Stephen.
 After dinner, we relaxed over dessert.
 Cathy took this picture of the Tomatoes From Canada. We were on our bikes and wanted to get back before dark so with the greatest reluctance we left the still happening party.
The view from the top of the street. What a view!


  1. What a lovely sanctuary Q has and what a lovely dinner!!

  2. Can you imagine, Shelley? A cottage on the Island! Divine! And the Thanksgiving food and company a delight!
    Thank you, Q!!

  3. Wow - you two really did a great job of capturing the day... the communal feast and the wonderful guests. It was a true delight to have you two Tomatoes at my new digs. I'm honoured to be part of your blog. That's a lovely picture Cathy took of the two of you.

  4. It was a delightful Thanksgiving party, Q. Thanks for inviting us. We love your new home.

  5. Hey, thanks for that! Now I can see where she's at.

    x Her Big Sister

  6. It truly is, Mariana. Like escaping the city to the countryside in a matter of minutes. And it was a great gathering.