Friday, October 4, 2013

Overheard New York

1. "Every day's the same. I go home, read the Iliad and fall asleep." Private school girls, 5th Avenue.

2. "It's called a Crested Porcupine. It's the largest rodent we have." Museum of Natural History

3. "If you've got toxins -- sauerkraut juice. It'll take care of them." Grocery on West 14th Street.

4. "It's irritating when people get irritated." Gallery staff in Chelsea.

5. "I'll see you later this week because I'm going to email you this week, definitely." West 12th Street.

6. "No phones. Please step outside the gallery." -- Met museum guard at a textile show. As the phone continues to ring, visitor: "It's my customer's phone, I..."


  1. Brilliant! Please hold the sauerkraut juice for me.
    Lisa R-R

  2. and I had meant to say that I REALLY want to see that textile exhibit.
    Lisa R-R

  3. No phones, what a relief! The MET visitor obviously needs some sauerkraut juice and a dose of the Iliad.

    These are so great! ;-)