Monday, October 21, 2013

Ferry to Centre Island

 On Thanksgiving afternoon John and I boarded the Centre Island ferry to go visit our friend, Q. 
We weren't the only people who thought an afternoon on the Toronto Islands would be a good idea on such a lovely day.
After the ferry docked we hopped on our bikes and pedalled off in the general direction of Ward's Island. I lead John into the Far Enough Farm petting zoo where he was soon surrounded by some of the locals.
It seemed treats were on their minds.
As soon as they realized we had nothing to share they waddled off on their way. 
We had to cross this elegant little bridge to get to the path to Ward's Island.
Along the way we found ourselves stopping every 20 feet to take a picture. John posed in front of St Andrew-by-the-lake Anglican Church (1884).
The docks and boat houses along the Algonquin Island shoreline were lively and picturesque.
 I went up to the shore to take a picture of the City of Toronto skyline. 
One last glance before we rode off to visit Q at her new home.


  1. The locals are very friendly! What a gorgeous day you had for travel.

  2. It was a perfect day, Shelley, and we were reminded of what a treasure the Toronto Islands are.

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