Friday, October 4, 2013

Breakfasts at Coppelia's

 Bill and I discovered Coppelia by accident one morning on West 14th Street when we were looking for someplace to have breakfast.
 It is a grand old-style Cuban diner with great food and friendly staff. We went back almost every day for a traditional breakfast (with Latino touches) with lots and lots of coffee.
 One day we went in the middle of the afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner. Bill had a burger
 with a delicious salad of kale garnished with chihuahua cheese and sunflower seeds.
I had breaded chicken cutlet sandwich
with black beans, guacamole and chipotle mayo. So yummy!
 With beer and after-dinner espressos it was reasonably priced.
 Lucio, our wonderful, regular waiter, posed for me on our last visit.
Thank you, Lucio, for all the fine meals and hospitality!


  1. Lucio looks like a fine gent & the food & decor equally as delish.

  2. We loved the place. Ended up going even when we made breakfast at the apartment. Glad you like the look of the place, food, servers.