Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

No trip to NYC would be complete without a trip to Brooklyn's Botanic Gardens. Go early, before your visit to the Brooklyn Museum next door.
 We wandered into the grounds as we have so many times before. I noticed that the benches have interesting memorial plaques.
I liked this memorial. I asked Bill what it meant to "love life". He said he thought it meant loving all of life, both the good and the bad. 
 We lingered for a moment by the fountain in the Osborne Garden.
Then we carried on along the path to the beautiful Japanese Garden.
We had arrived early on a Sunday morning and the garden was an oasis of quiet.
We walked around the edge of the lake.
Turtles were basking on the rocks.
Branches of the surrounding trees dipped into the still water.
 Fennel in the Shakespeare Garden
 Autumn crocuses.
  "Now then, for my journey to the yonder world I'll wear a gown of flowers."
 Next we arrived at the Steinhardt Conservatory and the lily pools.
We saluted the sprite of the Rose Arc Pool on our way back to the street and the Brooklyn Museum next door.


  1. Hard to believe these are taken on Oct. - what great weather.

    A gown of flowers sounds like the best attire for that journey yonder after having loved 'all of life' - that's the best response I've ever heard. xo