Monday, June 24, 2013

At the bar Il Piccolo Divino.

If you walk by Il Piccolo Divino in the afternoon you'll see a very plain patio on a narrow street.
 But in the evening it becomes very charming. It's not far from Piazza Navona, along the groovy via del Governo Vecchio (#74).
 I usually had a bottle of their local organic beer, Bill had a red wine.
Then we realized we could get a bottle of Prosecco for 20 euros and sip it over an evening of people watching.
 We think this must be the owner. 
We saw him often and he was always surrounded by friends. 
 Lots of foot traffic on via del Governo Vecchio
  It was fun to watch people sit down and have a drink and then drift on.
The fellow on the right is one of the staff.
We spent many a pleasant evening here.
 It was raining on our last night in Rome -- a warm rain. We had a quick drink at our table for old times sake, while some locals partied across the street.
 The staff were always so friendly and attentive. They called us "gentilizi" (noblemen). How charming is that?


  1. It's very charming indeed. Cincin!

  2. It was the perfect patio venue for us, Shelley!

  3. your rome posts had me enraptured each day. I was addicted. Thanks.

  4. We're so pleased that you've enjoyed the Rome posts, Jeffrey! We will be continuing to post about Rome though we're back in Toronto now. So many stories to tell!