Monday, October 1, 2012

Uxbridge Studio Tour

 Bill and I eagerly accepted Shelley Savor's invitation to go visit some of her friends who were participating in the Uxbridge Studio Tour.
 We rented a Zipcar and drove out of the city.
I took a picture of this green field and we wondered if it would seem as if I had upped the saturation.
After 1 1/2 hours, Shelley drove us into darkest Uxbridge.
We loved the architecture in the town like the eccentric Public Library (1878)
and the charming Art Deco movie theatre.
Here's the Uxbridge Music Hall (1901).
As you can see, there is plenty of curb appeal in Uxbridge.
Shelley's friend, illustrator, Tracy Walker had a show in her garage/studio.
Nice octopus.
Love that squirrel.
Sculptor, Fly Freeman was showing her sculpture in the lovely garden surrounding Tracy's studio.
Here's Shelley with the talented Tracy Walker.
Then we were off to the Tinkl place.


  1. My downtown self had no idea at all where Uxbridge was located.
    Thanks for sharing these photos of your excursion!
    Lisa R-R

  2. Hey,Lisa -- we didn't either. Glad you liked the pics. Thank God for the Shelleys of this world!

  3. I had a magical time with you & Bill rolling along the hills of Uxbridge.

  4. We had a great time too. It was a magical mystery tour.

  5. Try Port Perry...its even nicer...and on the water....

  6. Thanks, Paul -- we'll keep it in mind.