Sunday, October 14, 2012

High Line on a Foggy Night

Soon after our arrival in New York City the temperatures became summery and we ventured one steamy, foggy night onto to the High Line park.
We went up the stairs at West 20th Street and 10th Avenue.
The High Line only went this far north when last we visited so we thought from there we'd venture north to the present end at West 30th Street.
The walk was magical at night. The side street warehouses were busy
and the High Line path well-lit.
John loved the discrete lighting of the grasses and plants.
It was odd to look directly into businesses and condominiums on eye-level
and some of the plantings seemed decidedly exotic.
When we reached West 30th Street the architecture got very industrial and monolithic.
But the walk back to 20th Street had lots of lively views.
At last we descended to the streets. John loved the raised parking that abuts the staircase.


  1. What a wonderful way to use an out of service railway! I love how NYC can reinvent itself in so many ways.

  2. Very true, Shelley. Imagine doing something like this with the Gardiner Expressway. New York's High Line is a big success with residents and visitors.