Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diane Drescher's High Line

 Bill and I spent last Saturday exploring the art galleries in NYC's Chelsea district, peeking into doorways -- skipping some shows, visiting others.
When we saw the image on this poster on West 25th Street we decided not to miss this show.
 530 West 25th Street was only one door down. It was love at first sight when we walked into the gallery and saw the voluptuous work on display.
 The paintings were done on the High Line -- New York's most popular new public park. But it is not the subject that makes these pictures great -- it's their subtle colour and quiet beauty.
I said to the gallery attendant, "Where has this artist been all our lives?"
I'd been addressing Drescher herself and she said, "Well, I'm here in front of you right now."
 We were particularly drawn to this oil sketch painted under the Standard Hotel.
 Drescher told us that she feels the pressure to work larger, but that she only has four hours before the light changes and the crowds arrive.
We decided we couldn't live without the Standard Hotel sketch. Here it is again before getting it's red dot.
If you are in Chelsea between now and Saturday the 27th of October,  and you're interested in adding to your own art collection, get down to the Bowery Gallery and see for yourself before they are all snapped up.


  1. The painting you chose is so beautiful, she's a great artist.

  2. We couldn't agree more, Shelley. That's why we suddenly found ourselves buying one!