Thursday, October 4, 2012

At the Spotted Pig

 When you see the Sign of the Spotted Pig you know you have arrived at Mario Batali and April Bloomfield’s Michelin Star rated gastro-pub in New York City's West Village.
Our friend Nancy had recommended it to us and when Nancy recommends a restaurant we know there is going to be good eating.
She said that if we went in the afternoon between 3 p.m and 5 p.m. we would be sure to get a table and she was right.
We settled in ordered their famous deviled eggs as starters.
They were yummy.
 Our server, bless her, recommended the apple salad with "Mrs.Quicke's" cheddar and roasted walnuts. She was right about how refreshing it would taste with it's strong citrus notes.
 We split one of the Pig's chargrilled burgers with Roquefort cheese & ultra-thin shoestring frites. It was absolutely delicious.
 Before we hoovered the last of the frites, I wanted to show you that they had been sprinkled with whole rosemary leaves -- which added an indescribable something to the overall flavour.
 Espresso was a perfect finish for this meal.
 Eating well induces a swoon of well-being.
 The women at the next table were swooning too when they asked Bill to take their picture.  I took their picture, too, with our camera, while he was shooting with their camera.
When they saw the picture Bill took they were concerned that the light on them was too bright as they were too close to the window.
I suggested they sit on the stools by the bar while Bill tried again.
 Here is another of my pics of them posing for Bill.
 Elen (foreground) and Linnea introduced themselves. They were visiting NYC from Norway and having a wonderful time. We compared notes on our New York City experiences.
One last word -- the Spotted Pig has a relaxed ambiance and the friendly staff made us feel very welcome.


  1. That looks yummy. So glad to see you're having a wonderful time.

  2. Nice unpretentious decor & sooooo yummy looking! Bon Appetit ;-)

  3. Dear Q and dear Shell -- so great to hear from you. We're off to MOMA tomorrow. More pictures soon we hope!

  4. I want to be your luggage boy on a trip. You two have so much fun and see so many amazing things.

  5. Thanks, Jeff -- unfortunately we only have "carry on". ;)

  6. I think you guys should create your own travel show...I can be your camera assistant. That way you can have excuses like - we only take carry on. Lol! So much fun!! Love...Tivie

  7. Rarecat -- I know you love to eat. The Pig won't disappoint.
    Tivie -- we'd love to have you as our assistant -- we could have some fun!