Monday, July 23, 2012

Bio Market Magic Wish

 Bill and I walked past our local "Bio Markt" every day on our way to the U-Bahn. You'll see the word Bio used in many European countries to mean Organic. 
 Lecker, Preiswert & Gesund = Delicious, Good Value and Healthy.
We were fascinated by the little rainbow construction on the roof. 
Very occasionally it would open up to reveal a creature. 
The creature would open its eyes and look around before withdrawing once more behind its curtain. It seemed to open very randomly.
We only saw the it three times in our month in Berlin and each time we made a wish. 
After a morning in a museum we would pick up some groceries and then head down Obentrautstra├če to our apartment in Berlin. They had an excellent organic beer, vegetables, peanut butter, yogurt and their own bakery. 


  1. What a magical place this is - a store with a secret creature, how fascinating!

  2. We have to agree, Shelley. Now you see why we had to make a wish.