Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the Balcony

All Bill's work on the balcony has paid off.
 I stepped out there last Sunday and all the plants have settled in.
Bill's got our little fountain set up. 
 I admired the books I'd just bought at Balfour Books.
Then I settled into my chair to read about Sarah Sze in the New Yorker my friend Shelley gave me.
Reading about Sze reminded me how much I love her work and I went away with the fairies for a little while.
I contemplated the books I'd brought to the table.
And Bill's little balcony still-lives.
Balfour Books had some great pulp paperbacks.
I used to love this occult stuff when I was a teenager. I thought I'd have another look.
Monday I was back on the balcony again with the new Anne Rice.


  1. It's lovely to see you back home enjoying your balcony. The plants are looking beautiful already.

  2. Hey, Q -- Bill makes such a delightful refuge every year -- like a little bit of cottage in the city.