Friday, June 1, 2012

Carnival of Cultures Party

Berlin's Karneval der Kulturen is a three-day party culminating in a huge parade. The party centres around Blücherplatz, a big green space, and the old church, Kirchof Jerusalem und Neue Kirche in Western Kreuzberg.
The party begins in the afternoon as a family affair with lots of activities for kids and the park soon filled up with them.
 Pretty exciting stuff!
Soon the park was a sea of chilling people, reminiscent of hippy gatherings of the sixties.
People danced to the sound of impromptu drumming, fuelled perhaps by more than alcohol.
 Bill settled for a mojito from the many cocktail bars.
 I went for a cold, fresh German pilsner.
 Amongst the many jewellery and clothing stalls, Bill found a lovely necklace for his mother, Reta. The beautiful seller even displayed it for us. 
As the evening approached the park filled up with young revellers
all with drinks in hand.
For us it was time to think about food
 but not bratwurst.
 Bill got us falafels.
It was nice to sit for awhile and watch people go by.
After our snack a couple of bands got up to play. We enjoyed this French ska band. Ska always sounds like a party.
 And we loved this musician from Mali. He was just getting started as we slipped away. The music could be heard in the distance well into the night.


  1. Wild! I love Reta's necklace, you must take a photo of her wearing it.

  2. We're sure the place got wilder as the young drinkers arrived in the evening, the bands got rolling and the revels began. Reta loved the necklace but we must change the clasp to something easier for her to use. A photo will happen.