Friday, October 7, 2011

Vietnam Memorial

Anyone who visits the Lincoln Memorial will also want to experience the deeply moving Vietnam Memorial nearby. 
Maya Linn's monument of  black reflective marble cuts a slash below the surface of the Mall lawn.
John and I were struck by the continued flow of reverent visitors and veterans visiting the site in search of the names of friends and family who died in the war.
The names of those who died are inscribed in the marble.
People come to touch the names, take photographs and leave flowers, American flags and other tributes.
 The black marble absorbs the heat of the sun all day. We visited at dusk and the marble was hot to the touch. 
 The reflections of the visitors in the dark stone give the place a ghostly resonance.
The Vietnam Memorial touched us as much on this visit as it did the first time we visited it over a decade ago.

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