Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our D.C. Apartment

We have had a request for a peek into our Capital Hill apartment. It's a semi-basement apartment so there isn't a lot of natural light, but we're only around at night. We've really enjoyed our stay.
Take the living room for instance. It's so spacious. We loved the desk for the net-book, the flat-screen TV, the DVD player with an album of interesting movies and, look, a fireplace. Neat, eh?!
We have a nice sized kitchen with a big frig, a gas stove (!) and well-stocked pantries -- I mean there was balsamic vinegar.
And finally (I mean besides the bathroom) there is big bedroom with a big comfortable bed. That's it, my friends. Nice, eh?


  1. Looks very comfy indeed! Thanks for sharing the pics, my friend. Something to keep in mind for future visits.