Saturday, October 29, 2011

The National Mall

Let's take a break from the museums of Washington, DC, and wander into the fresh air of the National Mall. Bill and I were staying in the Capital Hill neighbourhood so let's walk along the Mall from there.
I was standing in the shade while Bill took that picture of the Capitol Building. I looked up at this statue and the sun looked great behind the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.
Bill took a few steps into the National Garden near the Botanical Building. The water garden was a perfect foreground for the Capital.
We walked along Independence Ave on the south side of the Mall to the Freer Gallery of Art and the Sackler Gallery -- we'll show you the pics from there soon. Looking south I loved how the streets disappeared in the distance.
Walking back into the Mall I tried taking some pictures without looking through the camera, trying to catch the feel of walking along. The Mall is a huge expanse of open grass leading from the Capital Building to the Washington Monument. It always seemed so wasted but probably fills up during celebrations or demonstrations.
We've crossed to the north side at Constitution Avenue where federal buildings predominate.
Look -- the food kiosks still sell film! But do they sell memory cards?
At last we arrive before the lovely face of the White House. Bill took this picture
and I took this one.

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