Sunday, October 30, 2011

John Abrams at the Cameron House

The Cameron House tavern has been a centre of the Toronto art scene since 1981. The Queen St West building has long been decorated with Napoleon Brousseau's giant, ghost ants and a series of John Abrams' murals. This shot shows Abrams image of, apparently, Claudia Schiffer (I admit I always saw the goddess as Brigitte Bardot) executed in 1998. 
The new owners appear to want to continue the tavern's history as an art centre. In  September I caught Mr Abrams painting a new image on the front of the Cameron.
And yesterday I shot the finished mural, freshly completed. It's fantastic! May it tempt a whole new generation of artists and musicians to gather inside. 

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  1. thanks or properly attributing Artist Napoleon Brousseau as creater designer of the 10 giant ant scultures since 1984, Napoleon refurbished and replaced some ants during Nuit Blanche 2009 now they are white and one Queen ant wears a crown.. He and John have been friends for years. We love the Cameron. see video of ants reinstall