Friday, October 21, 2011

Greg Couillard at Fox and Fiddle

And now for something completely different before we return to Washington, DC.
Beloved Toronto chef, Greg Couillard is back in Toronto from Mexico for a few weeks. He invited me to take some pictures during his brief appearance at Fox and Fiddle in the new heart of the condo district on Fort York Blvd.
The place was jumping. No sooner had I arrived than the orders started pouring in and everybody got busy.
But not too busy for the owner, Adam Brown, to offer me some refreshment. Have I told you what a nice guy he is?
I tried to blend in with the background and let the kitchen get on with its business. Couillard offered me dinner and recommended the steak. Steak sounded good to me.
Theesan, Couillard's sous-chef, pulled a steak out of the marinade and grilled it.
This is the pepper, king oyster mushroom sauce that's going to go on my steak. I came here after work, like most of the customers, and I'm very hungry now.
This is for me. From the menu: Filet Mignot Saigon Style with Blackbean Chili Kim Chee. The salad was cold and very spicy, 
and the steak melted in my mouth. It was extremely delicous.
Adam dropped by to chat while I was eating.
I walked back into the kitchen and someone had ordered the Sticky Belly Pork Back Ribs.
Here's what they looked like before they went out into the dining room.
Greg Couillard will be at the Fox and Fiddle Friday and Saturday, Oct 21st and 22nd.


  1. I enjoyed your photos, John - particularly the line-up going way back, the tag and the delicious looking food! Your comments expressed the feeling of a 'hopping' place and the last photo was like being on the outside looking in - everyone having a good time, ttysoon, steph

  2. Mouth-watering! I'm hungry now and it's only 10:30 in the morning...

  3. Mmmmmmmmm! That's what we like to hear. Thanks, rare cat! John