Sunday, September 18, 2011


August found Bill and I at a garden party in Toronto where Mary Anne Cree (centre), one of the storytellers of MaryContrary, is showing us sets-in-progress for a new production of  Cinderella.
This is Cinderella's living room.
 Night falls. That's Mariella Bertelli, another MaryContrary storyteller, on the left.
 Mary Anne is inserting the frame that will represent the garden.
 Scene in the garden with pumpkins.
 Cinderella on her way to the Ball.
 Mariella Bertelli and Mary Anne Cree
 OK -- here's the Prince visiting the sisters in their living room.
MaryContrary will present their finished Cinderella in Rome at the "Festival Internazionale di Storytelling", 29 September -- 2 October. We wish we could be in the audience.

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