Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arcadia's 25th Anniversary

Our home of the past 20 years, Arcadia Artists Housing Cooperative, celebrated it's 25th Anniversary last Saturday.
John and I only managed to record events at the very beginning and very end of the day. The party began on our green rooftop. Here are Leonie and Edie ready for the inaugural speeches.
Bewitching animator, Tabitha Fisher found herself a place close to the action.
Film maker and photographer Edie Steiner, took a moment for a quick edit of her photographs.
Co-operative speakers, Alexandra Wilson (Executive Director, the Agency for Cooperative Housing) and Don Melanson (Board member of the Cooperative Housing Federation of Toronto) chat before the formalities began.
The evening's entertainment was hosted by Eric Fink, accompanied by the pianist he referred to only as "The Professor" (Arcadia's manager, Rebecca Quigley).
Eric, a natural showman and emcee, kept the show of Arcadian performers a smooth, slick event.
Painter, Ann Davidson and her niece, animator, Tabitha Fisher enjoyed the performances amongst the enthusiastic audience of Arcadians, old and new. 
Ken Boville and Wilson McLeish of The Silvertones accompanied Chattrisse 
in a performance of her composition "Your Love".
Cal Woodruff brought the show to a rousing conclusion with a performance of his new song "The Tower".
Happy 25th, Arcadia!

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