Friday, September 30, 2011


When our friends Dimitri and Annellie, suggested a day trip to Buffalo, NY, to see the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and other local sights, John and I gladly accepted and the four of us set off last Sunday morning -- Dimitri driving and Annellie navigating.
It was a bright sunny day with little traffic so we arrived at the Albright-Knox just as it was opening. That's the original Buffalo Fine Arts Academy building built in 1862 in the background.
The museum is situated on Elmwood Ave just across the street from the Birchfield Penney Art Center.
Their excellent contemporary art collection is displayed in the addition built in 1962. We can see sculptures by Alexander Calder and Donald Judd and in the background a brightly coloured Brice Marsden painting.
A Giacometti sculpture of a walking man strides towards us as a workman retreats down the gallery.
Annellie and John contemplate a beautiful Cezanne.
John loved Joan Mitchell's George Went Swimming at Barnes Hole but it was too Cold (1957).
The museum galleries surround a central courtyard and the Muse Cafe. Inside we see a Maillol torso and outside we can see Jim Hodge's look and see (2005). The Albright-Knox is a gem of a collection -- well worth a visit from Toronto.
Thanks, Annellie and Dimitri for at last introducing us to it and for being such fun travel companions on our art-road-trip!

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