Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parisian rooftops

John and I were fascinated by the views from the windows at the Daró apartment last May in Paris. I liked these chimneys and their treatments seen out the kitchen window.
But our favourite view was  from the hall window, especially at night or sunset. That's the Beaubourg on the horizon toward the right.
The rooftops further to the right often made a dramatic silhouette.
Our little slice of dusk. I think this shot looks like a scene from the animated film Les Belles Soeurs de Belleville. Fun.


  1. I love that silhouette against the blue sky. Looks like you are pretty high up - how many floors?

  2. Six floors up, the top floor. Wonderfully there was an elevator which whispered "sixième étage" in a husky woman's voice when it got to our floor.